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International Day Of Peace - New York, NY September 21, 2016

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Kumbh Mela - January 2013


Florence, Italy - Awakened World 2012


Amman, Jordan- Transforming Conflict


Nepal Trip- Humanitarian Mission


Speech from The World Forum of Spiritual Culture, Kazakhstan


Promoting diversity through the sacred

Patrick was inspired by the Great Mother to promote a sacred planetary vision that respects religious diversity and advances pluralism.

Patrick is dedicated to being a warrior for human rights, social justice, pluralism and world peace. Through religion and spirituality he is bringing a new message of planetary consciousness on a global level that will alert the world to the sacredness of our connection with Divinity and with each other.

As humans we all share the same needs.  We ask that you look past your cultural upbringing and have an acceptance and a willingness to understand other cultural beliefs. We often see only differences between people, even when they are from the same communities. Our human brains seek to segregate and classify everything to make sense of our world.  But when we can focus on what we have in common and look to the underlying similarities in cultural practices, we can connect on the level as members of a large global family. Tolerance and compassion for differences between people may lead us to understanding one another, a new way of looking at life, and a vision that brings us closer to world peace.  Join us on our quest for the tolerance and compassion of these differences and holding the planet and everyone sacred.



An Instrument of Thy Peace

by Ruth Broyde Sharone

“I’m just an ordinary person,” says Patrick McCollum in all earnestness. But the 66-year-old former jewelry designer, leader in the Pagan community, interfaith minister, and now world peace-maker, has been at the epicenter of extraordinary events that continue to unfold as he is called to serve in the far-flung corners of the globe.

Over the years, Rev. McCollum has been involved in rescuing hostages both in India and in the Middle East. He has interacted with Al-Queda and Boca Haram, the violent military group in Nigeria that horrified the world when in April 2014 they captured 276 young school girls to be used as sex slaves for their army. Read more...

Human Rights Violation: Plea for Justice for Ven. Dhammajayo, Denied Reasonable Accommodation as a Defendant

June 2016

Blessings Everyone,

I shared a few days ago that I have been working on a major religious discrimination / human rights case in Thailand, and now I need your help. The Buddhist temple and the Abbott involved have given me permission to take the case public. I personally know a number of the individuals involved.

The underlaying issue of the case is that there was a military takeover of the government recently and now the ruling military leaders are systematically taking out all sects of Buddhism that are not theirs and removing all religious leaders who have the power to speak out in a larger way.

We've all seen religious violence and ethnic cleansing before and this is what's going on. The Abbot of one of the largest temples in Thailand has had an arrest warrant issued for him. He is both elderly and extremely ill. The charges are trumped up, and previous religious and political leaders showing up to answer similar charges have disappeared!

The temple has literally millions of followers with a large walled temple grounds and they have resisted, asking for UN or US intervention. During the time I have been helping with the defense strategy, the army moved tanks and soldiers in, but decided to withdraw when supporters at the temple decided to take a stand.

Right now things are in a standoff!

I have obtained international legal defense for the Abbott and they are in-route to defend him legally, but this issues needs to be brought out into the open. There is potential for significant violence and major religious & human rights violations.

Please sign and forward this petition to see if we can't change the outcome

May Peace Prevail On Earth,

Patrick McCollum


The passing of Shri Mohanlal Jain

On the 24th of the last month, Shri Mohanlal Jain, Founder of ANUVIBHA and many other institutions passed. The revered 95 year old Jain Saint served over seven decades in the service of humanity.

Shri Mohanlal Jain was a peace visionary and played a part in the independence of India. He will be greatly missed.

International Peace Day -  9/18/13

Patrick arrived at the United Nations to kick off the International Day of Peace.  He will be escorting a group of refugee youth to participate in a peace ceremony and holding meetings with several prominent persons and UN officials. 

Read more here...

Rev. Patrick McCollum meets with prominent Middle Eastern leaders and participates in Arab   – Israeli dialogues toward peace in Palestine and the Middle East.

Rev. McCollum & His Excellency, Taher Al Masri 

July 27, 2011 Amman, Jordan:

Rev. Patrick McCollum had the rare opportunity to meet with His Excellency, Taher Al Masri, President of the Jordanian Senate and former Jordanian Prime Minister at his home in Amman, Jordan.  The meeting took place at the end of week long dialogues with youth and adults from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and other countries, for which Patrick served as one of the speakers and dialogue facilitators. Read more...

Dhammakaya Temple 
Rev. Patrick McCollum traveled to Thailand this February where he has been honored by Buddhists with the title: World Inner Peace Ambassador.  Patrick was an honored guest at a gathering of over 150,000 Buddhist monks from around the world at the Dhammakaya temple in the Pathumtani Province.  His trip will included spiritual meditation, sharing of Pagan ritual and practices, and meetings with Buddhist Lamas to work together on world peace. Read More

Scarlet Rivera Playing The World Peace Violin


Patrick & Ram Dass Present At A Conference 

In March Patrick presented at The Life, Death, Near Death and Beyond conference in Maui.

Kumbh Mela - 2013

Photo taken from the press boat on the Ganges as we began the Aarti with the Saints.

Read more here...

conference jordan

Patrick wrote an article that was a cover feature for the "Keeping the Faith" issue of American Jails Magazine. The article, titled Religious Issues in Jails.

Here is the article:

When Chaplain Evelyn Vigil entered the Santa Clara County Jail in San Jose, California, on Thursday, she escorted a Vietnamese Buddhist nun to see a woman who spoke very little English and who had asked to see someone of her faith. Following that, Chaplain Vigil also met and prayed with several men of various Christian denominations. When prayers were finished, she then escorted an Asatru Priestess to see

...View PDF Now

Update: This issue just received the Apex Award for Journalism, the top award for a print magazine in 2013!

Patrick receiving The Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Advancement of Pluralism awarded at the capitol in Washington, DC by the Hindu American Foundation.

Official Statement from Patrick on Ninth Circuit Ruling

“The employment discrimination ruling is especially disturbing and is one that all religious people should be worried about, not only Pagans. It creates precedent that gives the state the power to discriminate on the basis of religion for chaplain jobs, for example chaplains in prisons, hospitals, the veterans’ administration, and the military. The court ruled that the state could choose to prefer some religions over others, even when (as the defendants in my case admitted and the court noted) those religions are chosen for no reason at all – are not based on any criteria. Read more here...

Five State Sanctioned Faiths Policy

In 2009, Reverend McCollum made history, by receiving support from a vast interfaith contingency who signed on to an Amicus Brief for the United States Court of Appeals, supporting his challenge to the state of California'a infamous Five State Sanctioned Faiths Policy. Read more