About patrickmccollum.org

Reverend Patrick McCollum is one of the founding elders of the Wicca/Earth-Based Spirituality movement in the United States.  Over a period of nearly half a century, he has continuously taught workshops and classes on Earth-Based Spirituality, Wicca and Wiccan Theology, and the history of Pagan spirituality and it's connections and implications to modern mainstream religion. In addition, Rev. McCollum has long been an active participant in the interfaith movement and works diligently on the front lines for human rights, social justice, and world peace.  He has advised the United States Commission on civil rights matters and his comments have been included in a report to the United States Congress and to The President.

Reverend Patrick McCollum is Director of the National Correctional Chaplaincy Directors Association (NCCDA) and serves as the Chaplaincy Liaison for the American Academy of Religion. McCollum is on the National Advisory Council of American's United for the Separation of church and State and has served as an advisor for the United States Commission on Civil Rights. He serves on the Board of Director's for Children of the Earth. Reverend McCollum also consulted with the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, providing input toward drafting the new Constitution for the European Union.

Reverend McCollum advises numerous state and federal agencies across the country on religious accommodation and faith issues, and received an official commendation from the California State Senate for his work in religion in prisons in 1999. Reverend McCollum is an activist, and is heavily involved in issues involving human rights, social justice, and the interaction of faith and spiritual communities to promote world peace.

We invite you to explore this website and the many activities and offerings of Patrick McCollum.  He has lived a charmed life and hope that you will join him on his journey.