Book One: The Sacred Path
By Patrick M. McCollum

(From the Back Cover:)

"For centuries, Witches have walked the Sacred Path in order to learn the mysteries of nature and the magic of the ancients. Until recently, these mysteries were passed on through oral tradition from Witch to student through the practice of walking together in the forest and sharing the magical lore.  As modern times evolved, many of these mysteries were lost to all but a few.  With the revival of "Paganism and Wicca", snippets of these ancient practices have survived and been revealed through the work of many authors, who provide charts and templates that outline how to create magic circles and explainations of the rituals and paraphernalia used.  But the essence of the magic itself, the underlying secrets hidden deep within the rituals, and the wisdom passed down for centuries that unlocks the deepest mysteries of the Sacred Path have not been available to the seeker -- until now.

In Courting the Lady, McCollum not only captures and shares these elusive mysteries, but reveals them in the old way, by literally placing the readers on the sacred path with him forty years ago as McCollum's own mentor serves as their guide.  Courting the Lady covers new ground, while at the same time deepens understanding of common practices.  Its secrets are critical, and even paramount, to understanding what the Old Religion and its practices are really about.

Reader Reviews

 "Courting The Lady is a wonderful spiritual journey that takes the reader into the heart of Magic through oral tradition in the old way, revealing the ancient secrets of the Golden Key to the universe that underlie the practices and tools of modern Witches."

          Phyllis Curott, best selling author of:  Book of ShadowsWitchcrafting, and The Love Spell.


"I've finished my first read of your book and I stress first read.  I've had many reactions to this first pass - amazement, fascination, ah-ha! moments, feeling cheated and yet feeling hopeful. The feeling cheated part is not about you, but about all the other people I've read and learned from about Wicca. Maybe cheated is too strong a word, but I always felt there was more to Wicca and now your book validates that. I think your book is a radical revelation for the Wiccan community, at least here in the U.S.  I think you've done a tremendous service to the Wiccan community and thank you and bless you for it." 

Professor Laurel Holmstrom

Sonoma State University, California.


"I just finished it for the first time round!  Wow!!!  I love your book! 

It's like FINALLY all the "stuff" I knew that had to be under the easy surface stuff of Wicca/Witchcraft as most of us know it, is being revealed.  And it's like no "Wicca 101" that anyone has ever read before. I'm surprised at how vividly you write!!!  I could see it all (smell, feel, taste, hear) as I read.

Looking forward to being one of many who will be hovering around to pick your brain.

Care Calhoun, High Priestess
Athens, Ohio

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