International Day of Peace

On September 18, 2013, Rev. Patrick McCollum in partnership with Children of the Earth, will escort a large group of international youth refugees to the United Nations to participate in the International Day of Peace.

This is part of a special program to develop new leaders for the future who value the sacredness of our planet, respect for diversity, the advancement of religious pluralism, the end of prejudice, and the interconnectedness of all living things. 

The Patrick McCollum Foundation believes that only through the instillation of these core values into our leaders and society, will world peace and planetary sustainability be attained!  The time to create the future is now!

Join us in applauding and supporting these young champions of a better world by sending messages of support to

You can also make donations to the youth program at the site.  Please include the words "youth support" with your giving.

Of course general donations are always appreciated and support many programs toward creating a better world.

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