Nell Rose Phillips, CHT, BCC

Executive Director 

Nell Rose, has been an integral part of organizing as well as a co-founder of The Patrick McCollum Foundation. She is passionate about creating opportunities and supporting Patrick in various initiates for world peace, women's rights and religious pluralism. Patrick often refers to her as his "rock". She has worn many hats in this organization including, overall development, strategy, website, social media, finance, fundraising, workshop management and more.

An expert in performance improvement, habit control and self development, Nell Rose uses a blend of techniques of science and ancient wisdom to allow people to quiet their minds, overcome anxiety, eliminate limiting beliefs, overcome trauma and to rewire their brain to thrive in any situation. She has several projects she has created, such as Personal Peace Project, The Resilient Mind, Mother/Daughter Goddess Retreats. She is a mother of five and committed to creating positive change in the world.

Nell Rose is available for speaking/teaching engagements on a variety of topics - overcoming anxiety and trauma, Rewiring your brain for success, leadership, mindfulness, women's empowerment, children and teen anxiety and leadership, mental coaching for golf and moving past fears and phobias. She is available to provide consultation and coaching to individuals and organizations. For more information or booking inquiries, please email