The Council for the Parliament for the World Religions urgently needs to raise $150,000 by April 12th because of a court ruling. Please give generously (but any amount no matter how small helps).


The Parliament incurred a large and burdensome debt as the consequence of an unexpected drop in the attendance of the 2004 Barcelona Parliament due to a terrorist attack in Madrid weeks earlier. As a result, there was insufficient income to cover the expenses of the event. While they have been paying it off slowly, a Spanish arbitrator ruled against the Parliament and despite their efforts to challenge the award, a US Court has now ruled that the Spanish arbitration award is binding and the balance of the debt is due immediately. In anticipation that they might lose, they started raising funds last Fall, and have raised about half the amount needed. They expected to have several more months to raise the rest, but the remaining balance is now due immediately. They need to raise $150,000 and have until April 12th to do so. If they do not the Parliament may be forced to disband. The Parliament stood up for Pagans by giving us a seat at the table, we need to stand up for them.