Peace Pole at Standing Rock

Blessings All,

As several thousand US veterans begin to arrive at the Oceti Sakowin Camp in support of the Dakota Access Pipe Line Protest, those of us concerned for the Native Americans and the principles that they are standing up for against mega corporations and banking conglomerates at Standing Rock, are doing what we can.

Many of us are working behind the scenes to both spread awareness of the situation and issues, but also to help find equitable solutions to a growing problem.

The good news is that the powers that be, that is the North Dakota law enforcement, the Governor, and federal officials, are being forced by the sheer numbers of supporters both at the protest site and all across the country to come to the table and to have real discussions. Literally millions have weighed in, flooding the North Dakota governmental offices with phone calls, emails, and letters, which have nearly paralyzed the day to day activities. The same is true of the switchboards at the White House.

As of yesterday, Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II has agreed to a newly proposed meeting with Governor Dalrymple to discuss a resolution of the standoff.

On the down side, reports still say that the pipeline company is still drilling even though their easement across the land and under the lake has been revoked and legally challenged. This lawlessness is concerning to many citizens, as it points to a growing concern that large corporations are beginning to consider themselves above the law.

There is also growing concern that incoming President Elect, Donald Trump may add the Indigenous Peoples to his list of undesirable minorities. He has already stated that he will push the pipeline forward (without consideration of the legal or moral issues involved) as he considers it good business. It will be important to note whether he considers business as trumping human, legal, and environmental rights, or if he will take a more measured stance of actually considering all sides of this dilemma. Either way, I urge all involved to communicate your concerns and desires directly to
the President Elect, and to those in his close circle.

Start petitions to the incoming President. Make calls to his offices. Direct letters to him at Trump towers. Each of you have the power to affect the outcome of this difficult situation.

In the mean time, send prayers and support to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. They are holding the line in sub zero temperatures under tremendous pressure. Pray that their meeting with the Governor leads to reasonable considerations and a positive outcome.

There is a Peace Pole in the center of the Water Protector's camp which is serving a a focal point for prayerful support. Use it.

The Elders would like to plant it at the site as a symbol of peace & prosperity for all, but that will not happen until peace actually comes to be!

Here is United Nations Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall's newest message on Standing Rock:

May Peace Prevail at Standing Rock!

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