Previous Events

July 2011

Ammann, Jordan - First International Conference on Transforming Conflict

June 17-June 27

Pagan Spirit Gathering - Illinois

May 20-June 6

Kathmandu, Nepal

May 4th- May 8th 

Presenting at the Florida Pagan Gathering.

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April 30th, 2011

Opening speaker for the ISEWP(International Association of Educators for World Peace) in Oakland, CA- Presenting Our Children, Our Future

April 13, 2011

Patrick will be on Voices of the Sacred Feminine with talk show host Karen Tate, discussing some of his recent adventures in Thailand and Java, updates on his lawsuit against the State of California's infamous Five Faiths Policy, and some of his upcoming travels in the near future to Katmandu, Nepal, and Siberia.

 January 22-23rd 2011

Pagan Studies Conference

Keynote Speaker- Building community

Claremont University, California

 January 29-30 2011

San Antonio, Texas

American Correctional Chaplains Association Conference

Keynote speaker for the Conference-wide interfaith service

Quote from Patrick about the trip:
"I am humbled by the opportunity to represent my community in such a significant way.  Perhaps in working to create a better world, my efforts may help reduce the prejudice and discrimination many of our community and other minorities face in the mundane world.  In the end, I hope to show that all people, no matter what their beliefs, are both sacred and connected, and that all the people of the world should be honored as brothers and sisters of the Human race! "

In May, Patrick traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal on a humanitarian project supported by the United Nations NGO, Children of the Earth, the Hindu American Foundation, The Patrick McCollum Foundation, with additional support by the Pagan Alliance of Berkeley, CA. This project led support to a series of schools and an educational program for under privileged youth in Katmandu, and in the village of Halambu, and in other outlaying regions of Nepal.  

Together with other Children of the Earth board members, Patrick helped planned an educational conference for about 200 Nepalese teachers, some of whom traveled by foot many miles to come to the conference in Kathmandu.  Patrick also participated as a speaker and dialogue facilitator.

In addition, also had the honor of meeting with interfaith leaders from Nepal, to discuss ways we can work together to form alliances toward the advancement of religious pluralism, the acceptance of diversity, planatary sustainability, and world peace.  Read the blog here.

October 17, 2010 Patrick at the World Forum of Spiritual Culture. MCCollum addressed the Kazakhstan Parliment, and people from all over the world about the importance of nature, the interconnectedness of all life on earth, and the importance of diverse spiritual points of view working together to stop the destruction of the earth and her resources. He also gave input into the development of the Noosphere Ethical Ecological Constitution for Mankind.  Read more here. 

Dhammakaya Temple 
Rev. Patrick McCollum traveled to Thailand this February where he has been honored by Buddhists with the title: World Inner Peace Ambassador.  Patrick was an honored guest at a gathering of over 150,000 Buddhist monks from around the world at the Dhammakaya temple in the Pathumtani Province.  His trip will included spiritual meditation, sharing of Pagan ritual and practices, and meetings with Buddhist Lamas to work together on world peace. Read More

Sept. 12, 2011

Interfaith Event -Young Leaders on the World Stage: Cultivating Spirituality and Building a global Community. Saint Mary's College of California.
September 15-21, 2012

Awakened World 2012- See video above and to the right
Kumbh Mela - January - February 2013
Pantheacon - February 2013