Speaking Engagements

Patrick is available to speak on many topics for your event.  He has been a keynote speaker at an international level. Please contact nellrose@patrickmccollum.org today to schedule Patrick for your event.



World Peace Patrick's mission is to promote a new sacred planetary vision through a new narrative that better fits the truth that we have come to know. We now know that there are others besides ourselves, and that like it or not, we are all now part of the same global community. A vision that respects the religious, cultural, and social diversity that actually exists on our planet instead of the limited views that we held in the past. And so the task at hand is to create a new and far more magnificent narrative, a narrative which gives us greater access to envisioning and creating a critical common goal: a world that works for everyone and recognizes the sacredness of everything. 

Pluralism - Reverend McCollum has long been an active participant in the interfaith movement and works diligently on the front lines for human rights, social justice and world peace.  He is an expert on chaplaincy in general and on religious accommodation in government institutions, specifically, serving both as an active chaplain on the ground, and as a chaplaincy instructor and advisor nationally.

Survival/Sustainability -Patrick is an expert on wilderness and disaster survival and general sustainability, including subjects such as: Edible and Medicinal Plants and surviving Nuclear and Bio-Terrorist events.

Energy - Patrick has a wealth of knowledge on all areas of energy conservation and going green.  He has a strong background in both solar and wind energy technology, including practical system design, implementation and storage.

Plants and Herbs -  Patrick can easily identify and educate on edible and medicinal plants in the wild.  He can lead groups on a journey filled with stories, facts and identification of many plants that will entertain and delight many.