Minority religion rights and how to achieve it in prison

The right to practice religion should be available to everyone. Unfortunately if you are a minority religion it can be difficult. Patrick explains how he helped change religious rights in the prisons throughout the United States.

Environmental Health and Corporate Responsibility

The Patrick McCollum Foundation is helping create corporate responsibility for the environment. Corporations and businesses will receive rankings or seal of approval for their contribution to sustainability and environmental friendliness. This is a great way to make sure businesses are keeping our planet healthy.

Near Death Experience and the Afterlife - My Experience

Patrick tells the story of his near death experience and the afterlife. Everyone is welcome regardless of religion or beliefs. There is no fear of death and dying.

Women's Rights - Changing the Story 

Across the world, women are still not seen as equal. Changing the story so that all people have equal rights is important to the Patrick McCollum Foundation. Patrick tells the story of how he helped change the story for young girls in India. He helped to start a movement that will honor and respect young girls. They will now be celebrated as Goddesses every year.

 Environmental Cleanup and planet responsibility

Patrick explains how he and another saint led a movement to clean up the Ganges river of trash and debris in an hour. We all have the responsibility to keep our planet clean, by working together we can achieve this.

 Blessing for people near the end of life

Rev. Patrick McCollum gives a blessing for those who are approaching death. This is a journey we all make and can approach this with strength, no fear and connection.