Is There Life After Death? 
with Patrick McCollum

 In February 2013, Rev. Patrick McCollum,

Patrick McCollum an ordained Wiccan minister, gave the opening prayer at the largest spiritual gathering in the history of humanity - an estimated 100,000,000 people at the Hindu devotional festival Kumbha Mela. As an international activist for human rights, social justice, and pluralism, he has facilitated peace talks between Arabs and Israelis and served as an adviser on the United States Commission on Civil Rights. He continues to be an advisor to several heads of state. He has been the Director of Development for the United Nations program Children of the Earth which oversees 20,000 youth in peace projects across the globe, and he works as a chaplain for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. In 2010 he was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Award for Advancement of Religious Pluralism.  

Patrick McCollum at Kumba Mela

In 1965, Rev. McCollum had the experience of dying.  His NDE resulted from a brutal motorcycle accident when he was hit by a drunk driver. He ceased breathing and his heart stopped beating for more than 6 minutes. A doctor on the site pronounced him dead.  

He floated through a tunnel of light.  At the end of the tunnel, he came face to face with a luminous woman. “There was a deep sense of understanding, of knowledge hidden below the surface of her glance . . . there was a feeling in my heart that she knew my every thought, my every joy, my every pain.”

“Are you ready to come with me?” she asked. “Who are you?” I questioned.  “I am God,” she replied.  

This is only the second time that Patrick will tell the story (to a group) of his experience of consciousness after death.  Please join us to hear about Patrick’s experience and the way that it impacted his life.

New workshop intensive with Patrick McCollum

Creating the Sacred Oil: Connecting with the Magic and Wisdom of our Ancestors.

Nov. 9th & 10th 2013 in Moraga, CA.

$175.00 - meal plans available for an additional $70.

This will be a hands-on two day overnight intensive in the wilderness where we will learn the history of and replicate both the formula and the process for creating one of the most powerful secrets of the ancient past.

The Sacred Oil as it was often called, was first documented in the Indus Valley in 7,500 BCE and is the first known chemical formula used by human kind.  It has been used to anoint magical tools, initiates, sacred sites, heroes, Biblical prophets, and for healing.

Each participant will learn to harvest and process the various plants and materials involved and will take home a small quantity of the oil for their own use when finished.

The meetings will be held at Patrick’s home and there will be access to camping, house stay, or hotels nearby.  Meals will be provided with the purchase of a meal plan.  Reservations are limited so make your reservation today!

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Brigid's forge in background and particpant blacksmithing her blade
Athame Workshop - Ritual Preparations & Forging the Magical Blade
Athame Intensive 

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