Developing an International World Peace Center and training facility at Auschwitz in Poland!

A peacemakers work is never done:
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Greetings My Friends,

My time is still mostly directed toward Standing Rock and developing the resources needed for our next move there. Have no fear that anyone has dropped their guard on any of this. Instead, we are several steps ahead of the powers that oppose us, and we recognize that there is still much work to be done. More on that later!

But as I take a few breaths after months of intense work, and as I center myself to prepare for the next round, I am now shifting some of my time and energy toward my next major peace project ... Developing an International World Peace Center and training facility at Auschwitz in Poland!

As most of you know, Auschwitz is one of the foremost sites reflecting the worst that humanity can do to itself in the quest for power and domination over others. We have selected this location to build a peace center, because as it stands now, it is a place where we are all reminded of what can happen when we fail to keep those seeking power in check, and when we allow discrimination toward our fellow human beings to go unchallenged.

Those of us who have initiated this project believe that those who travel to
Auschwitz need to not only be horrified about what happened there, but that they should also be taught what they can do to never let such an atrocity happen again!

And so I step forward now to take on this new challenge!

This project has been long in the making, but we now have full approval to move forward and we will take our first step on December 16th.

I fly out to Poland on December 12th, and will meet with officials and my partners to firm up future plans for the center, and then on December 16th, we will have the first official program at Auschwitz, where we will make opening presentations and begin our launch, and then we will train a group of local students on site about the peace process.

The initiation and launch of what will become a world recognized peace center including ongoing peace trainings and peace programs, will be physically launched with the playing of the World Peace Violin.

The violin is constructed of over a hundred fragments of world conflicts and resolutions, and has been blessed by over a million people with hands-on prayers for peace. It contains not only ashes of the vaporized people of Hiroshima, but also fragments from a Holocaust Violin that played at the death camp during the war.

The underlaying concept of the World Peace Violin is that as it is played, the voices of all those who've suffered through the conflicts represented within its construction and who's voices were silenced by their deaths, are now once again given voice to able to call out for peace.

The World Peace Violin will be the first sound, or vibration if you will, that will, create the primary cornerstone of the project at Auschwitz. A fitting start for the task at hand.

This will be a long term multi-year undertaking, but the opening celebration will be history in the making, and I will post updates and photos as things progress.

I appreciate all of your prayers and support over the years for these various peace buildings and projects that I have felt moved to work on and I would ask that those of you who are able on December 16th, to take a moment and send us energy and spiritual support as we step forward to stand up for peace and unity on our planet!

I have included our first flyer on the event below, and photos and information on the World Peace Violin.

May Peace Prevail On Earth!
Patrick McCollum
The Patrick McCollum Foundation For Peace